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Take your Recipes to the next level-make them shoppable

Creating recipes should be fun, satisfying and most importantly, effective.

But how do you convert your customers hunger for recipe content into brand loyalty and incremental sales?

Our easy to use recipe wizard instantly converts your entire recipe catalogue into engaging and shoppable recipes with detailed metrics for tracking performance. 


Customers can easily navigate through recipe ingredients in the view that is most convenient for them. Promoting your house brands is simple!

Our Social Proofing function is based on the parameters of your choice and are proven to encourage user adoption and help drive sales.


Educate customers about your recipe and its ingredients with customizable interaction layers . Offer coupons, quizzes or promotional  with our learn more function, and conveniently add your ingredients to basket with a single click.  

metrics icons_edited.png

23% CTR

metrics icons_edited.png

18% Create

Shopping Lists

metrics icons_edited.png

6% Add to Basket


x7 increase  in Avg. Session Duration 

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